3 genesis NFT will be available and will be purchasable by 1 BNB.
20% of collected fund will be used to buy back $Cats in order to stabilize the price. ($Cats bought can be burned or airdrop for contest)

Each NFT have the maximum of 30 mints. If these NFT did not reached the maximum amount of 30, the last mint will be the total cap for that particular NFT making it more rare and valuable.

⌚️ Countdown:

🏪 PETSTORE is going live with the first 3 Genesis NFTs

Stocks of this limited nft will only last for 1 week and will be resupplied with new batches of Cryptocats on the next week. We have ..

1st BTC cat, 2ndBNB cat, 3rd ETH cat , and 4th Lottery

for the first week.

BTC, BNB, ETH Cryptocats nfts will be available to be minted through paying 1 bnb each with maximum supply of 30. A countdown will be present so everyone will have a fair chance to get in early and mint the lowest Token ID number as possible. 🏆

🎲 What is the mechanic of the Lottery nft?

We will be using our native token

Cryptocats project is now maturing.


✔️ Coded Web3 Interaction

✔️Alphav1 PETSTORE Front-end JS Integration

🏁 Debugging personal NFT wallet Integration

Cryptocats is now ready to launch.
both Website and Contract are good to go.

The sale of Cryptocats will be held through Unicrypt on March 29th and will end on the 30th. Only 48 hours is allotted for the sale and will have a maximum of 0.5 bnb per whitelisted address. Why 0.5bnb because we support even spread of tokens making whales hard to get in and hug all the supply.

Whitelisted address will have 24hours to contribute 0.5bnb and for the next day, it will be open to all wallets but still have 0.5bnb limit. …

🔥Cryptocats Token ($Cats) Whitelist Is Now Open!

We are now officially opening the whitelist application for Cryptocats!

📑 Follow the rules and fill the google form to participate in the whitelisting campaign:

⏰ Whitelisting Campaign end on 27th March 16:00 UTC

All The Best! $Cats!

Follow us on socials:

Telegram Annoucements: @Cryptocats_Announcements

What is CryptoCats?

We will be utilizing BSC in our launch. We have a token called $cats,RFI + LIQ, it is a autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol.
This token not only shows the power of modern DEFI as a auto yield, it also automatically generate bnbs into liquidity.

Crypto Cats aims to be a significant MEME project in the BSC chain, as we know meme’s is basically the power of the community. As the community gets engaged into the project the more the MEME became relevant.

In order to get the community engage we are preparing materials like contest, giveaways, listings, and…


When Crypto meets Cats, we give you CryptoCats

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